Sato Coffee【Sapporo  Miyanomori 】One of my top coffee shops in Sapporo!

Sato Coffee is a cafe with a reputation for the coffee among my foodie friends.

There are some branch shops in Sapporo City, I went to Miyanomori shop in the West 28th Street of Sapporo.

Coffee has names such as “cherry blossoms” and “walnuts”.

I drank delicious coffee just as rumored.

▼ You look at the entrance from inside of the shop. It’s a relaxing place that uses old furniture well.

▼ There is a counter near the entrance , and they sell coffee by weight.

▼The green plants were decorated in the area separated as a greenhouse. This item is accented splendidly in a brown tone inside shop.

▼Inside the shop. There are a large table, a counter seat, and tables for four people. Since smoking is possible, there are some people who smoke.

▼I ordered a gateau chocolate and coffee “walnut”.

▼This is a set of tartutata and coffee “cherry blossoms”.

I felt the cake was chosen by considering the balance with coffee.


“Cherry blossoms” has deep flavor and rich taste. When comparing “walnut” and “cherry blossoms”, “Cherry blossoms” was overwhelmingly good.


When I go to a cafe that is popular with coffee, I have a different impression.  Sometimes I think it’s a good shop, and sometimes no.It depends on the coffee brand I choose.

The impression of the cafe that I visit for the first time seems to depend largely on the brand of beans that I order.


I recommend you to go through a couple of times until you find a coffee of your taste.


There are only several parking spaces in at Nishi 28chome branch.when I visited this shop, there were much more customers than the parking lot, so I waited for more than 30 minutes until the parking lot was empty.



Name: Sato Coffee (SATO COFFEE)
Address: Hokkaido Sapporo, Chuo-ku Miyanomori 1 6 6 – 5 – 5 Miyanomori Building 1 F
Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00
Closed holiday: irregular holiday
Phone Number: +81-11-688-6697
Website: SATO COFFEE | 佐藤珈琲
parking  space:4

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